“NEWS SCROLLER”: Please read this news- scroller for any important updates with regard to the Nursery


News Flash:

For any pressing or urgent updates with regard to nursery operations, about unexpected holidays, closure, or traffic concerns. Please watch our News Flash in the scroller in the main page.

Bad Weather Conditions:

We have faced unexpected traffic blocks and delays during rain and bad weather conditions. Therefore, considering the safety factors and the road conditions, we advise parents to keep the children at home. We are unable to give prior intimation in such situations. We hope, as parents you understand that safety takes priority than the disappointment of taking back your child who comes dressed to board the bus.

Medical Updates:

    • It is advisable to give your child a flu vaccine in September every year (until 6 yrs), to protect them from the flu. Flu is usually prevalent during November – March due to weather change and temperature fluctuations during these months.
    • Kindly consult your pediatrician who can further advise you about these vaccines.
    • Please do not send sick children to the nursery, this is helpful in preventing – spread of infection.
    • Please note that it is mandatory to provide the nursery, with a Medical Fitness Certificate if your child has been sick with any contagious infection.

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