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“We are so delightful with the development of our son made in duration of 5 month in Little feet nursery. The teachers are all welcoming and friendly and it genuinely feels like a family. The nursery effort is stupendous and provides
Effective feedback about our son. My child has settled well in school and enjoys being here. He has come on leaps and bounds. We are impressed on routing schedule of extracurricular activities which boost up child well. We trust’s nursery staff more focus on children physical and mental improvement during his tenure in nursery.”

Vian’s dad and mum


We ara happy to be a part of Little feet Nursery and would like to say many thanks to teachers and staff for their work with kids.. A lot of activities and almost every day games via that they learn something new… We already have a big and beutiful collection of their works Our son every day goes to the Nursery with pleasure and even evening time takes his backpack and stay at the door, waiting to go to the Little Feet Nursery.. :).. Thank you !

Parents of Miroslav Konstantin and Anna


“Joining the little feet nursery have helped mohammed in developing a lot of skills. He became more social, he can identify colors and the letters, and say sorry and please. We would like to thank the teachers and the staff for taking care of the kids and loving them as their own.”

Mohammed’s dad


When my second son Oneth started attending Little Feet in 2015, he was so afraid of people, was refusing to eat and didn’t even speak. We were all really worried about him.But the love and care of the teachers and assistant teachers helped him develop his confidence. Gradually he started to speak, sing, dance and colour; and now I can see an incredible improvement in his independence, creativity and focus. When he was refusing to eat the teachers even fed him. I’m proud to say that even my first son Dineth started his education at this same nursery and even 10 years back Little Feet Nursery was this great.

We are incredibly blessed and thankful to have our son starting his education at Little Feet Nursery, which is an extremely child friendly environment where you meet kind, warm and dedicated educators who address educational needs of each child as well as their emotional and social wellbeing. Very especially we thank Ms ShyneySpadigam– The Principal for her outstanding work.


I would like to thank Little Feet Nursery for their effort and co-operation. When I was looking for nursery for my Younger daughter Meerab Sameer, I was a bit worried as she is not so keen to meet new people.

While going through different Nurseries, I finally came across Little feet nursery and was happy with their setup and co-operative staff.

Meerab met the teacher’s, saw the facility and was very excited to go to nursery next day. Induction was given to us, explaining the procedures of the school; which was very helpful.

The first day was a bit tuff for her as she had to go alone in the bus, but the way staff handled her was very nice. And being a parent I was satisfied that my kid is in good hands. And I strongly believe that’s what we all look for, when sending our kids to school.

Meerab Sameer’s dad and mum