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Little Feet Nursery is staffed with a highly competent team comprising of the Nursery Director, Administrators, Teachers and Assistants. The team is trained to provide care with the utmost diligence, staying true to our slogan, ‘Caring hands for Little Feet’.

A full time administration team is available to provide you with any clarification or support necessary. The office works Saturday to Thursday from 7am -2.30pm

We have fully qualified teachers who connects and bonds with students and thus fostering intellectual and social development needed in the first phase of preschool learning. The teachers constantly endeavor to make each day a happy and make the initial learning a joyful experience for the children. They further provide the little ones with an environment to develop and to adapt to the challenge required in the formal bigger schools.

A qualified nurse is on the premises at all times to attend to provide basic First Aid and medical support. We have a Doctor Visiting the nursery every week for their weekly medical checkup.

Nursery Assistants:
Our Nursery Assistants are trained to take care of the children with the utmost love and care. They make sure that the children under their care develop and learn in a safe and supportive environment. Our Assistants have a warm and positive approach towards child care.

Staff Training and Workshops:
We have frequent in-house training and workshops, conducted to enhance and improve the curriculum. We also invite in external experts to train the staff.The support staff is trained to provide services by giving utmost importance to hygiene and safety factors.

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