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Fee Structure

Admission & Registration fee Dhs 500
Medical Fee Dhs 250
Activity Fee Dhs 250
Tuition Fee with transport Dhs 1100.00
Tuition Fee without transport Dhs 1050.00
Day Care after 12.00 till 2.30 provided
on an hourly charge of: Dhs 50

Fee Facts….

  • Fees are to be in advance by 7th of every month. Parents can personally pay at the office (7am-1.30pm Sat-Thu).
  • While making the fee payment kindly ensure the exact amount is brought to the office or hand over the exact amount of fees to the staff in the bus. Ensure to write the full name of the child, the class and the amount. To avoid any loss we will strictly not send the balance home it will be carry forwarded to the next month.
  • At the time of handing over the envelope, please ask the name of the staff who collects your envelope and call the office and inform the same as soon as you hand over to keep a track of the money.
  • The nursery will not responsible for the loss of the fees if you do not call the office and inform that you have handed the envelope at the same time of handing over the envelope.
  • The staff has been instructed not to collect the envelope if you don’t make the call in their presence. To avoid any delay in the bus during the collection of the money please keep the call brief. Only mention , my child………..from class……… fees has been sent with staff…..(mention the name of the staff)
  • The receipt will be sent back the next day in your child’s bag. Failing to find, please call the nursery the same day. The nursery will not be responsible, if the parents fail to notify about the receipt by the second day after payment and to identify the staff who accepted your fees.
  • Please note failing to pay the fees on time will force the management to discontinue the transport and nursery services.
  • Staff will not accept any fees at the nursery gate.
  • Please do no leave the fee envelope in the bag of the child. Nursery will not be accountable for the loss or misplacement of the envelope.
  • Unlike the big school, which collects the fees per semester, the nursery operates on the monthly fee collection. Therefore, no monthly fee adjustment will be made during any absence of the child including sickness. Absence of more ten days will be considered as discontinuation.
  • A written application with regard to the leave plan and fee for the month needs to be paid to retain the seat during the leave. Those proceeding on leave during the summer months (July and August only) will not have to pay the fees for any one month, but need to give a written application of leave mentioning the dates of leaving and rejoining.
  • We have a summer camp for the little ones during July and August at the same fee pattern.
  • In case you take a long leave and wish to readmit your child ,it will be considered as a readmission, subject to availability of seat in the nursery. However, we assure you, we will prioritize your status.