“NEWS SCROLLER”: Please read this news- scroller for any important updates with regard to the Nursery


Monthly Theme:
We work on a monthly theme to make our programme interesting and interactive. We encourage parental participation so as to enhance their involvement with the little ones in all that they do. We have competitions every month to encourage the children to participate and learn about the given themes. We have a color day to teach them more about colors and to make their learning experience lively.


Graduation Day:
A big day, to celebrate their readiness to step out from their cozy little nursery to a bigger school. A day, for them to show their parents how much they have learnt at the nursery. A day, to mark their abundant growth at Little Feet Nursery, and in order to affirm that they are now independent and confident enough to face bigger challenges.

Sports Days:
These are events designed to encourage the physical development of the children. The children learn important skills such as team work with races and events carefully planned keeping the physical skills of the child in mind.

Parent-Teacher Meeting:
We have regular parent-teacher meetings to provide updates on the child’s progress. These meetings are a platform for the teachers and parents to support one another in working as a team, thus bringing out the best in the little ones during these early formative years.


Staff Party:
Our staff is a blessing and an asset to us. Our Annual Staff get together is a means of acknowledge them as our backbone in providing excellence to preschool. It also enables our staff to interact and get to know one another in a better way.

Field Trips:
We have various fun and educational trips planned for the children throughout the year.