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The Little Feet Nursery was established in 2003. It currently has two branches in Al Khan, Sharjah. In 2015 Ministry of Social Affairs has awarded LFN a certificate of excellence in Pre School Education. We thank the Ministry and all our parents who have supported and trusted in our endeavor.

The nurseries are located in beautiful, spacious villas with lovely gardens for the children to enjoy fresh air and experience nature. The open environment fosters a homely and warm atmosphere which the children truly enjoy.

Our close proximity to major residential areas in Sharjah makes it easily accessible. The nursery is fully licensed, registered and approved by the Ministry.


The nursery takes admissions every month; however the major admissions take place in September and March as the children leave for various O- Level and Indian Schools to start their academic year in these respective months.

Please take time to visit our nursery as our team will be happy to take you on a tour of our state of the art premises.


The Office Works: 7 am to 2.00 pm from Sunday to Thursday and until 1.30 pm on Saturdays.
The Class Timings for children are from 8.30 -11.30 am.
Day Care: We have day care services extended till 2pm in the afternoon.


Little Feet Nursery is a friendly and happy place for children to spend their early learning years.

The Nursery School comprises of different centers. The children are given an opportunity to learn at each center and thus explore the fun filled world at LFN.


  • Indoor Play Area
  • Outdoor Play Area
  • Art and Activity Center
  • Montessori Center
  • Language Center
  • Story and Reading Center
  • Music Center
  • Puppet Show and Story Center
  • Classrooms
  • Sand & Water Play Center

Children are provided with the chance to use each center daily. This creates a stimulating and challenging environment that keeps their hands and feet engaged and thus promotes their motor, social, and physical development. Freedom to
learn through play encourages self confidence.